03 Jun Macba Life – Girls with attitude. Meeting the female skaters at Macba

How was the first time you come to Macba? The female scene is growing up worldwide and, obviously, it’s also happening over the best flatground in this world. We have spoken with some skateboarding girls about her experiences, feelings, and opinions about the plaza.

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Featured skaters: Cata Diaz, Andrea Benítez, Mar Barrera, Alina Saytkhanova, Indy Makkinje, Raisa Abal, Camila Ruiz.

Film & Edit: Gochiestrella with GoPro


– Nordic Shine – Savvun

– Sleeping With the TV On (Instrumental Version) – Staffan Carlen

– Girls (Instrumental Version – Elijah N

All provided by Epidemicsound.com