31 May #Macbalifers 3. Street League´s Week

Another #Macbalifers especial edition. This time with the best footage complilated at the square during the Street League´s week. See you next year mates!

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Featured skaters: Fran Molina, Jorge Simoes, Tommy Fynn, Samuel Jimmy, Kevin Besset, Dani Lebrón, Michael Sommer, Youness Amrani, Louisa Menke, Erik J Pettersson, Julio Arnau, Brian Londono, Javier Sarmiento, Aaron Clough, Dani Jenks, Madars Apse, Kelly Hart, Ramón Muniz, Michel Mello.

Film and Edit: Charles Chaves (Justchavez.blogspot.com.es)

Music: Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros.